Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Proud Parents Celebrate

A friend of ours came to visit the baby yesterday and brought us a bottle of Champagne so today we thought we'd sort of celebrate the birth of Luca Christiano Thibodeau, albeit a few weeks late...


Anonymous said...

Oh my!!!! Congratulations!!! Another boy!!! V is now truly outnumbered. But I am sure you are a happy camper =)

(am watching the NL-Italy game and just need to surf away for a minute because its so thrilling,lol)


Anonymous said...

What a cutie...I miss that age! Have fun w/ your new bambino.

Hey, did Luca drink a little bit of that champagne??? I noticed he was asleep the whole time. LOL

Miss you guys.

Jane & Mark

stormblade said...


It does my heart good to see people who are still in love!

So many of the couples that I know tend to grow apart over time and wonder what the heck went wrong.

It is nice to see that there is hope!

Take care,