Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Gino's First Post is a good one...


I do not know that much about Kevin Everett or Judy Thibodeau.

I know that Judy was a single mom relaying on prayer to get her through tough emotional and economic times and her diligence paid off as evident by the success of her children.

I know from Kevin Everett’s biography that he is a young man that will not quit. Raised in Texas by a single mother, he played football and apparently didn’t have the size, skill, or smarts to get that big Division I scholarship. Did he quit and become like you and I trading two-a-days for an 8 hour day? Nope, he enrolled in junior college only to become the second highest rated JUCO recruit in his class and got that scholarship to The University of Miami.

While at The U, he becomes the starting TE and works hard enough to get drafted in the 3rd round by the Buffalo Bills. Once again Kevin is dealt a blow that would end most careers with a knee injury in his first season. Does he quit? Nope, he works hard, comes back and becomes a critical part of the Bills’ Special Teams.

Today, Kevin Everett at 25 years of age lies in a Buffalo Medical Center with the possibility of being paralyzed for life following a “catastrophic neck injury” in last Sunday’s game against the Denver Broncos. As sad as it appears, his past performances show that he will never quit fighting. He’ll do his part, and we should do ours….so say a prayer for Kevin tonight, I’m sure Judy already has.

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