Friday, August 10, 2007

Addendum to the Cinque Terra Recap

The wife and I decided to buy a couple scuba masks so we could enjoy the fish and other scenic beauty under the water. It was extremely beautiful and we were having a ball exploring the cove in Vernazza. At one point I decided to stretch my arms and legs a bit and swim across to the other side of the cove so I started swimming. At one point for some reason I decided to stop and take a quick peek under the water hoping to see some fish or whatever. What made me stop at that particular moment, I have no idea. But man am I glad I did. I put my head under the water and sitting about 8 inches in front of my face was a big damned jellyfish.

Holy &!@#$%.

If I had not stopped and looked when I did, I would have swam face first right into that bastard. Face first into a jellyfish! I flailed my arms wildly and was able to reverse thrusters rather quickly, swam back over to the rock, got out of the water, and didn't go back in the rest of the time.

The Italians have it right - the Italian word for jellyfish? "Medusa".

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