Tuesday, April 25, 2006

My last Italy post, Part 2

OK, so earlier today I finally got around to finishing and posting the last post that I had started in Italy. However, it seems that Blogger.com refuses to post it as a new post. Ergo (therefore) you will need to scroll down a bit to read it. It's headline is "My Last Italy Post". Please read it so my efforts weren't in vain...


Michael said...

Well.. i commented on that post so not much to say here :D

I'm very happy you guys are still in Europe man! So we can do something like this again soon :D

Adele said...

Ciao Rik,

Nice to hear you made it safe to Germany. Was the Brunello you opened for the dinner the one with the Angels picture?

Lots of Hugs to X and Virginia,

Rik said...

@ Michael - Definitely soon!

@ Adele - No no no, you gave us that bottle when the X Man was born. I'm not opening that one until his 21st birthday. We miss you!