Saturday, January 29, 2005

But it's's a Saturday

OK, 10 bonus points to the first person to tell me who sang the above lyric.

Yes, it is Saturday morning. I came to the base early to do my laundry so I thought I'd stop by and make a quick post. People always ask me why I don't use the washer/dryer at home and the answer is simple - have you ever used a European washer/dryer?! It takes about 3-4 hours to do one load, then another couple hours to dry it.

So anyway, Virginia and the X Man arrive back tomorrow. I'll be picking them up in Venice around 2pm. That means one thing - CLEANING TIME! Holy crap, the house is a disaster. I think every single room needs a thorough cleaning. I'll do the best I can, but if you know me, you know that I'm not good at cleaning stuff. I'm good at messing stuff up, just not at cleaning it up afterwards. So today will be quite an adventure. Virginia met a Filipina who lives in town before she left, I guess she cleans for a living. So I told her that maybe we'd hire her to come in and clean a couple times a week - Virginia is great at keeping a clean house, but it'd be nice to give her a break, especially with the X Man to take care of. He's a handful that kid (just like his dad!). I wish I had her number, I'd give her a call and have her come over today. Then I'd claim credit for it...hee hee...

What I'll probably do is just put a few CDs in the player and go to town as best I can. Music always makes the crappy chores easier to bear. Plus, I relish any opportunityto listen to the new U2 CD, which I'm actually starting to get sick of already since I play it so much. Here are my favorite lyrics from the new CD:

1. "I like the sound of my own voice/I didn't give anyone else a choice"

2. "I'm not broke but you can see the cracks/you can make me perfect again"

3. "I'll give you everything that you want/except the thing that you want"

4. "Lay down your arms/all you daughters of Zion, all you Abraham's sons"

5. "Let me take some of the punches/for you tonight"

6. "I wanna trip inside your head/spend the day there/to hear the things you haven't said"

7. "Don't look before you laugh/look ugly in a photograph"

8. "But you deny for others/what you demand for yourself"

9. "And I would never take the chance/of losing love to find romance"

OK, well, I guess I've procrastinated enough. It's time to go clean...




Anonymous said...


true, the european laundry washers/dryer takes HOURS! thats why i never touch those things, i let the dutchman handle those chores. i only do the dishwasher economy and fast style for 1 hour (the labor intensive is 1.5 to 2 hours lol) and thats w/o drying even! after its done i just let the steam out and open it for natural drying. saves energy.

the dutchman and i are crazy with U2. i discovered bono and his gang awhile back in the 80s with the "under a blood red sky" album. sunday bloody sunday? new years day? hehe. they are touring this year in europe and usa. holy goat, the tickets for 2 cost around EUR 180!

have fun with virginia and the x man and with the cleaning! :-p


Rik said...

Jor, find out the dates/places for U2's European tour. I will spare no expense if I'm able to get tickets - maybe we can find a location that will allow us to meet halfway and we'll make a road trip out of it!


Anonymous said...

check out the official website: ; they have a list of the Vertigo tour European and North American play dates. The European leg starts midyear, but tickets are already on sale for some venues. Better be quick, the pre-sale tickets sold out in under a minute in some places!